Ty Hunt

Personal Trainer

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Hello, my name is Ty Hunt and I am very passionate about nutrition and fitness. I truly love helping people of all fitness levels and abilities to achieve lasting, long term results. My focus is to motivate, inspire and encourage clients every step of the way.

I decided at a very young age after struggling with my own weight to educate myself on exercise and nutrition to rid my world of countless fad diets that just don’t work and leave one less healthy than when they began their journey to lose weight. Through proper diet and exercise, I have been able to achieve lasting and amazing results.

During my twenty years as a nail technician, I began to realize a large number of women struggle with their own health, weight and self-image issues. I believe it is never too late to increase your health. With individualized training that implements proper training techniques and clean, whole food nutrition, one can be extremely successful.

As a mother, I believe that it is incredibly important to stay fit and healthy. In my free time, I enjoy being outside as well as creating healthy recipes, photography and candle making.

I look forward to training with you.