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We all know that stretching is a great way to get one’s body flexible and relaxed, especially for those who lead active lifestyles. Just like the wide variety of lifestyles people live, there are so many stretching techniques and regimes to accommodate those lifestyles. While those who are stretching regularly already have a leg up, how you stretch matters just as much as how often you do it. This is especially true for those suffering from underlying health conditions or currently in recovery from an injury.

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What is PNF Stretching?

For those who are looking to maximize their stretching benefits and improve their overall health, PNF stretching has the answer. Initially designed for patients in clinical rehabilitation settings, this powerful technique has made its way into mainstream fitness and health because of its stellar effectiveness and wide-ranging health benefits. PNF stretching was initially utilized in neuromuscular rehabilitation programs to relax muscles and improve flexibility. Now, this stretching technique is much more accessible than ever before. To this day, this technique continues to be trusted and utilized by physicians, physical therapists, and personal trainers alike.

Range of Motion Stretching

Improve Your Body's Range of Motion

PNF Stretching often benefits your body’s range of motion capabilities, resulting an a more agile you.

Relaxed Muscles

Relax & Increase Flexibility of Your Muscles

Regular stretching along with the PNF stretching technique is known to better relax and increase the flexibility of your muscles.

Muscle Strength

Gradually Increase Your Muscle Strength

It’s no surprise that consistent stretching can lead to the gradual strength building of your muscles.

Benefits of PNF Stretching

While stretching in all forms already has various benefits, PNF stretching is excellent at targeting what other forms of stretching techniques cannot. Benefits of PNF stretching include improvements in range of motion, both passive and active, and more relaxed, flexible muscles. It is also effective at targeting specific muscle groups. Many of those who practice PNF stretching also experience an increase in muscle strength and find it effective as a regular supplement to their everyday lifestyles. On a microscopic level, this technique is thought to repair and heal muscular damage following intense workouts. Stretching with this technique has something to benefit everyone, ranging from those currently in recovery from injury to even the most active athletes. Even those who are just getting into stretching can see great results in their overall health with PNF stretching. 

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Potential Associated Risks

While PNF stretching has many benefits to overall health, there are risks. Luckily, most risks associated with PNF stretching techniques are easily avoidable. For example, those not familiar with this technique should first seek professional help, be it a trainer such as at Lift or your local physical therapist. This will ensure your technique is executed correctly and safely. It is also recommended that this technique be done post-workout, as pre-workout stretching can reduce power output. Also, those under 18 should generally avoid PNF stretching due to their muscular structure still being in development. Anyone interested in this or any physical stretching technique should always ask their doctor or medical professional for advice before trying it.

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Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Though you might be comfortable or used to stretching alone, PNF stretching is done with the help of a partner. Many PNF stretches require assistance from someone else, especially if the stretch requires a push or pull. Thankfully, PNF stretching is incredibly effective and easy to get into with the help of a professional. Eventually, you may find yourself comfortable with stretching alone. With the help of your trainer or physician, stretches can be modified to be done solo. 

By now, you might be wondering how to get into PNF stretching most effectively and with the best results. For most people, a certified and educated PNF personal trainer will be able to guide you through the advantages and techniques of PNF stretching with ease. While your doctor or preferred medical professional may be able to give you a general idea of what PNF stretching offers, Lift personal trainers can help you truly get involved. Whether you’re looking to supplement your recovery from an injury, looking to prevent one, or just wanting to improve your muscle function, our personal trainers can guide you every step of the way. And at Lift, you’ll find the kind of world-class trainers who specialize in stretching techniques for every lifestyle.

Is PNF Stretching Right For Me?

With an emphasis on personal safety and privacy, Lift is the ideal choice for those interested in PNF stretching in one-on-one stretching exercise programs in a comfortable training environment. Our select team of expert professional trainers helps you learn and become a healthier you. At Lift, our certified instructors place a priority on your safety above all else. To learn more about PNF stretching programs we offer in Liberty Lake, WA, give us a call or send us a message today to learn more or schedule your appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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