Tiana Pierce

Personal Trainer

I am a certified trainer at Lift in Liberty Lake. My passion is working with people who have set goals and want to achieve them while living a positive and healthy life. I have an extensive background in sports, spending 14 years as a gymnast and I personally have competed in several national championships as a competitive cheerleader. I also coached gymnastics for 6 years while emphasizing core and strength training.

After years of being constantly involved in highly competitive sports, my body didn't fair so well with irreversible damage done on my knees and other joints. I heard about the zero momentum training and decided to give it a try due to the safe and effective outcome I had witnessed in a friend. I was surprised to get such an intense workout in just 15 minutes and have such peace knowing that with my knee issues I don't have to worry at all that I will get reinjured. I recently made the switch to become a team member at Lift after recieving my certification as a High-Intensity Trainer using our Zero Momentum protocol. I love that this style of training is so beneficial to a variety of age groups at any fitness level and works for men, women and competitive athletes who are as young as 12. Through my years in sports I have been taught the importance of staying healthy but also the importance of living a balanced life. My favorite thing to do is to spend quality time with people who have positively impacted my life. In my free time, I spend my time outside enjoying all the wonderful activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Hey neighbor, Tiana here. I was wondering if you have any questions I could help answer for you?