Stephanie Meade

Personal Trainer

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Hi! My name is Stephanie Meade and I became a certified personal trainer in 2012. I grew up in North Idaho and was always very active and involved in sports activities including volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball. I enjoyed keeping busy with these activities and keeping my health top priority.

I, like so many other women, had my two girls and found myself in need of help to get my health back to tip top shape. As parents, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner rather easlily in the mix of everyday life and responsibilites. This is when I really found my passion for fitness and lifestyle changes. I made the commitment to get my health back on track and hired my own personal trainer. He forever changed my life!

After going through my own transformation, I myself found my purpose and wanted to help others achieve what I now had! I became a certified personal trainer through ISSA (2012). I started off as a sub teaching boot camp classes. Then in 2013 joined Gold’s Gym Spokane as a trainer. During my time with Gold’s Gym I trained a vast variety of clients with all different health limitations, ages, and goals. I obtained my Specialist in Exercise Therapy certification (SET ISSA), along with TRX certification.

As a trainer, I enjoy pushing my clients beyond what they believe they can do. Our bodies are so capable of doing much more than our minds ever would allow it to believe. While my job is to help you reach your goals,I personally strive to build a strong relationship with each of my clients. Trust and understanding are the keys to success in achieving personal fitness goals. Everyone needs someone in their corner rooting them on along the way, and that’s exactly what I love to be to each of my clients.

Now, as a busy mother of 4, I enjoy hiking with my family, playing adult league volleyball, playing outdoor activities with my kids, and lifting weights. I more now than ever see the importance of making time for yourself and your health a priority. It is important to keep fitness and a healthy lifestyle fun and exciting. We need to teach kids the importance of healthy lifestyles, while encouraging older generations to stay active, too.