Sara Hansen Personal Trainer Liberty Lake

Sara Hansen

Personal Trainer

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Hello! My name is Sara Hansen, and I love being a team member at LIFT. My degree in Exercise Physiology has provided me ample knowledge and skill to fuel my passion for fitness, nutrition, and helping others accomplish their health and fitness goals. I love working with people of all ages and skill levels, and can’t wait to help you achieve greater health.

I believe strength and perseverance achieved in exercise, give us greater strength and perseverance when life throws us obstacles. When I was diagnosed with Thyroid disease at 16, I knew that health would always be a priority for me!

When I was getting ready to choose a major in my undergrad, I decided to follow my passion to learn more about the body, and how to keep it healthy and strong. This degree in Exercise Physiology has provided me the means to really understand what my body needs to achieve optimal health and wellness. Since then, many other health obstacles have threatened my goals, and I have been able to persevere through digestive and gut problems—as well as endometriosis, a reproductive disease in women.

As I have educated myself and learned that exercise is medicine, and that it is important to fuel my body with proper nutrients, I have worked through these obstacles in my life. These experiences have fed my desire to help others on their journey to health and wellness. With that desire, I have spent valuable hours working in Physical Therapy, Family medicine, and group exercise instruction, specifically Zumba. I know how important it is to have someone to cheer you on! I love being a coach, and watching others succeed!

I look forward to training with you.