Shaun and her team have made a huge impact on me - They are always cheerful, encouraging, and motivating. In my first 8 months I was able to loose 35 lbs the healthy way!

Cathy Nolte


I love working out at LIFT and my trainer. I started working out here in March 2016 and since then I've lost 8 inches from may waist alone (and more from other places). I'm amazed at how much I've achieved in 15 minutes twice per week. I call it my miracle work out.

Fran Couzens


Lift is a body, mind & spirit work out all in one. It is an efficient use of time & way to maximize results in the body. I worked out with Shaun for 11 months & have seen tremendous changes in my body, stamina, mental health and overall well-being. Shaun is a mindset coach, fitness coach, therapist & friend rolled into one -all in 15 minutes! The shifts and transformations that take place in 15 min twice a week are phenomenal! I have to do the work, and invest in me, Lift maximizes my effort!

Nicole Ronningen


My wife and I started just 6 weeks ago. We (maybe me) were skeptical of the concept of anything happening in 15 minutes. Impossible right!? Wrong. After crawling to my car a few times I was beginning to feel the 15 minutes could be effective. Legs, why work out legs? Well, I haven't felt as strong on the ski hill or mountain bike since I was 20! Btw - I'm 47. Bottom line, LIFT Works. If you feel differently you are incorrect. Thank you Team LIFT. The 18 pounds I've lost and strength I've gained in 6 short weeks has dramatically changed my "power to weight ratio". I'm hooked.

Jeff Denney


I began LIFT in 15 in 2013 with my husband. We love the targeted, quick workout. I continued through 38 weeks of pregnancy and Shaun was great at adjusting my workout, while keeping me strong. My work outs helped me stay more active while pregnant, helped me with my labor and helped me postpartum. I started my workouts again after five weeks of my baby's birth and definitely recommend it!

Lauren Scipioni o'Shea-Hauge


Great workout that it is only 15 mins. I love working out with Shaun who knows exactly how far to push me and is very knowledgeable in her field. She is also encouraging and has helped me be successful in my goal to work out consistently. I started LIFT with no strength whatsoever in my core and incredible left hip pain and am delighted to say my pain is gone and I am stronger! I have been doing LIFT for over a year now and the program works great for me.

Lecia Devries McClung


Thanks for the December Challenge - check in for your workouts twice a week, eat clean- maintain or lose weight! Shaun is great at cheering you on as you lift more weight! She also holds you accountable!! Great way to spend 15 minutes!

Lorilei Bruggink Brandenburg


I have been working out with Shaun for 2 1/2 years and love it! It's quick, efficient, it's hard, a good cardio too! At 60+ years old, I am strong. Strength training isn't just for youngsters, it's important at any age for your overall health. It's hard to imagine how it makes you feel in just 15 minutes twice a week, until you experience it. I highly recommend this one on one training to everyone! Thank you Shaun!

Lori Haye Peters


I have been doing LIFT for about a year now. I love the fact that it is only 15 minutes twice per week. It’s hard to come up with a good excuse to skip a 15 minute workout. You would think that such a short duration would have minimal effect on the body, but it’s quite the opposite. The super slow reps result in a very intense experience and I leave feeling like I've worked out for an hour every time. Shaun and her team do a great job making sure you are pushed to the limit, use good form, and have fun at the same time. If you are looking for an effective workout program with minimal time commitment, LIFT is the real deal.

Marshal McClung


I love everything about LIFT in 15. I have been training with Shaun for 1 year. From day one I have noticed a huge difference in my overall well being. More strength, more energy, weight loss and even mental clarity. I love knowing that each 15 minute session improves my overall health and well being and that I am much healthier now inside than before I started. I do not have much extra time to spare, so 15 minutes twice a week works perfect. Shaun is very knowledgeable and professional. I am very pleased with my results and look forward to every session.

Melissa Harms

Best work out! Helped me lose stubborn pregnancy weight and keep it off for the last seven years!!

Nichole Brown Johnson


I started LIFT several years ago after battling an illness for 3 years that left me very weak. Shaun understood my desire to get my strength back, while also being careful not to have major setbacks from doing too much too quickly. As a business owner with two young children at home, 15 min twice a week was a miracle to say the least!! Within a year, I had gained all of my strength back and felt strong and healthy. In November, I decided to go out on a limb and train for a bikini competition - something I would never have imagined I would have the energy to do a few years ago! Shaun pushes me incredibly hard now 3 times a week, and we added the nutritional component as well, which has been amazing! In the last two months, I have lost 10 pounds, several inches, all while increasing strength where I need it - 100% bicep curls, 75% abdominal, 66% leg extension etc.

Shaun and her team have been instrumental to me in gaining my life back, and I am so excited to see what else we can do together! If you want a serious workout and serious results, LIFT is the perfect solution!

Shannon Redel Pottratz


I love working out at Lift in 15. My husband and I have been working out with Shaun and Sondra for the past 7 years!! I am 67 years old and have never felt so healthy. I would highly recommend this to any age group; it is quick (l like that!) and a full workout!! The program is design for a one-on-one training in a private room it’s effective and safe. The staff will help you reach your goals whatever they might be. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this way of exercising.

Sharon Rudd Shutts


Finally, a way to get a great workout without hours in a gym. This is by far the best workout ever. Shaun is an awesome trainer. Your workout is one on one with her alone in a private room. She has a definite plan for you each session and YOU never have to plan what you are doing or even think about it! Just show up and watch the results. I have worked out with trainers before and they cannot even be compared to this workout.... And only 15 min twice a week! When will everyone discover this is how you get results? Love it! Amazing!

Tami Moulton


Wowsers! I was socked by how well this 15 minute workout really works your muscles. I was so sore the next day! As a busy mom and business owner a 15 minute, 2x per week workout appeals to me. Give it a try!

Tanya Goodall Smith


LIFT personal training is the place to go if you want to reach your goals super fast. Super friendly, clean and motivational with kind encouragement to keep me focused on my goals! They are very knowledgable about the body and how to work around injuries and rheumatoid arthritis. I'm so thankful I found this place as I am safely working my body and reaching my goals!

Jaimie Klemo


15 minutes twice a week, that's what my wife told me four years and 35 pounds ago. After years of belonging to a gym and finding every excuse in the book of why I couldn't go the excuse bag was finally empty. At 60 years young I can honestly say that i feel fantastic and have more energy now then when I was 20 years younger. This program for me has been a life changer and it can be for you too. Shaun Johnson is a wonderful coach and a great motivator and has helped me change my life for the better, and she can help you as well.

Richard Rivas


If I could give 10 Stars, I would!!!!

My journey started 4 years ago when I won a drawing (my exact words, "watch the fat chic win") at a women's networking event Shaun was speaking at. I made my 1st appointment the following Monday, and I have been going ever since! I have loved my time with the team at Lift 15 and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. They have helped me get out of my own head, and build the strength needed for a prolonged life. I have seen the transformation in my physical appearance AND my internal health. Shaun and the team worked with me to change my mindset on my eating and drinking habits, and I will say it is DEFINITELY a mindset. You have to WANT to make a change, and if you are willing to make the healthy changes (and I still like my fun foods and baking, I just have to not get carried away) LIFT 15 will help you transform to a healthier you! I like that I am not in a large gym setting, ant that they listen to my body needs (lower back, knee and elbow issues) and create a workout that still kicks my butt! If you are on the fence about a gym and having a personal trainer, please call Lift 15 and see what they are all about, you WON'T be disappointed!!

Thank you again for an amazing 4 years!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!

Julie Cohen


I worked out with Shaun while I was pregnant with my middle child and didn't with my first or my third (not because I didn't want to!) but I could tell the difference. I felt amazing. I wasn't as tired all the time. My labor went smoothly and I was up and around quickly. I fit into my pre-pregnancy pants almost immediately. Thank you Shaun!!

Savanna Kienbaum


I've been working out with Shaun for almost two years now and have never felt better. I am a huge proponent of whole-food nutrition and when I combined the Nutrition with the Exercise... My Fitness went to a whole new level!!!

Susan Stewart-Baldwin


I love this work-out and the effective results. I train once or twice a week for 15 minutes and I feel strong and good about myself. The environment is clean, classy, and professional. I would strongly recommend giving this a try - My 70 dad has been doing this work out for over 15 years. It is AWESOME!

Barbara Anne Elliott May


Love it here! You need results , this is the place to go. Great staff, very knowledgeable and friendly, they do their job well and you can expect results!

Shenay Tye-Corege


Love my workouts! Great people! Holds you accountable and keeps you working hard towards your goal!

Danielle Bleier


Shaun makes working out worth every second and worth every minute! I feel and look better, thank you!

Kirsten Lankford