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Katherine Morgan

A commitment to one’s health remains one of the greatest investments we can make in our lives. With a world of options in this space, choosing Shaun Johnson and her unparalleled team at Lift Personal Training was a brilliant move for me. In my journey to focus first on building strength and a healthier life, the intimidation of learning weights and creating my plan in a gym was completely addressed with her specially trained team to have a plan and focused 2x/week commitment to my health. The best part? The thinking is removed and all I have to do is commit to show up – consistently. This program is slow, with intention, and results that are life-changing.

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… The crazy part that is unbelievable? It is only 15 minutes each session with results that for me have included a stronger core, no lower back pain, confidence, and reaching milestones in my health goals. I cannot speak highly enough about the positive impacts this program and Shaun’s team have had on my life. If someone is looking to grow in strength and confidence, I would highly suggest trying Lift Personal Training. The first month you’ll feel the difference but by month 2-3? You’ll realize you will want to be doing this for life as this small weekly investment of time is yielding high returns in my quality of life.

Angela Fredericks

I am delighted to share my experience with LIFT, a transformative 15-minute intensive weightlifting program tailored to my body’s unique requirements. I am 62, and finding time for workouts has always been a challenge. LIFT’s two-day-a-week 15-minute regimen not only fits seamlessly into my schedule but also yields remarkable results. Under Shaun and her team’s expert guidance, each session pushes my muscles to their limits, allowing ample time for recovery and growth between workouts. Their computerized tracking system meticulously monitors my progress, facilitating planning for future sessions. Shaun knows just how far to push me to gain maximum results, but she also accommodates my particular needs. I know I will never be injured from a LIFT session!

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… When I first began doing LIFT, the intensity of the workout led to exercise-induced headaches. These lasted an hour or so after each session and were a painful surprise at first. Shaun promised they would subside, and they did. Because of her experience with other clients, she gave me the confidence and reassurance to stick with it. Always attentive, she knew just when to pull back on the intensity so my body could learn this new practice. Within a couple of weeks, the headaches disappeared, and I haven’t had one since.

Over the past year, I’ve witnessed an almost unbelievable increase in my overall strength. In several areas I am now lifting more than twice the weight I could handle when I first started. I have newfound energy for everyday tasks like maneuvering heavy objects around the house, lugging groceries, and tending to my garden. In addition, I’ve discovered that building muscle not only bolsters my strength but aids in weight management.

I convinced my husband to give LIFT a try, and he also has experienced significant improvements in muscle strength and flexibility, translating to enhanced performance and injury prevention in his golf game. LIFT is not just a workout program; it’s a life-changing choice for individuals of all ages and abilities. It has become an indispensable part of our wellness journey, empowering us to lead more active, vibrant lives.

Stephanie Simpkins

I have worked with Shaun for several years now. As a busy mom to three girls and a business owner, I always struggled with finding the time to work out. It became even more challenging after a riding accident left me with serious injuries, and limiting the way I could work out. Lift Personal Training was the perfect solution to not only my busy schedule, but a safe way for me to exercise and build muscle while injured. For only minutes a week, I have been able to continue to stay fit and healthy and it is truly the one exercise routine I have been able to stay committed to.

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Katie Thurman

Katie Thurman

My name is Katie, and I started working out at Lift in January 2020. I am a full-time stay-at-home mom and wife who works about 30 hours a week for a virtual school. Needless to say, my days are very full. After giving birth to my little one, I did not make time to focus on my own health and fitness, which led to me gaining weight. About 9 months after my baby girl was born, I was very frustrated with where I was physically and mentally, and I didn’t feel like I was able to be the mother, wife, and teacher that I wanted to be. I was desperate to find something to help me get back into fitness and take better care of myself…

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… I reached out to Shaun asking for more information and if the training would be safe while nursing my little one, and she assured me that the sessions would be safe; I met with Shaun for my assessment soon after. When I first met Shaun, what stood out to me was her kindness and that she readily answered all of my questions; she didn’t hesitate once when explaining Lift’s exercise philosophy, and she was patient and made me feel heard. I have lost over 25 pounds and 14 inches so far; I feel stronger and more agile (helpful with a toddler); and I am much happier and more optimistic than I was just a couple months ago. Lift hasn’t just helped me improve my fitness; working with Shaun and team Lift has helped me improve my mindset, and I have become more confident in myself through working out with her. Training at Lift isn’t just about physical fitness; the team takes the time to invest in their clients personally, which leads to lasting results.

When I started at Lift, I was also given the opportunity to do the nutrition program called Precision Nutrition. Because of this program, I have developed a broader understanding of nutrition as it applies to me personally. The lessons and weekly habits focus on making small changes, and those changes are having a lasting impact in my personal life. If I were to describe the program succinctly, I would say that it focuses on changing your mindset about nutrition and really helps educate about the reasons why I eat the way I do, helping me focus on the emotional part of eating. Rather than focusing on a list of do’s and don’ts, it focuses on a series of better choices and small changes, which are more likely to lead to lasting changes and long-term healthy choices. Shaun has been my coach through the program, and she has been very supportive, encouraging, and has given me great feedback. I feel more empowered when it comes to the nutritional choices I am making, and the way the program focuses on small changes has helped me make progress while balancing caring for a toddler and working.

Nicole Ronningen

Nicole Ronningen

Lift Personal Training and Nutrition is a body, mind & spirit work out all in one. It is an efficient use of time & way to maximize results in the body. I worked out with Shaun for 11 months & have seen tremendous changes in my body, stamina, mental health, and overall well-being. Shaun is a mindset coach, fitness coach, therapist & friend rolled into one -all in 15 minutes! The shifts and transformations that take place in 15 min twice a week are phenomenal! I have to do the work, and invest in me, Lift maximizes my effort!

Keith Gipe

Keith Gipe

Before working out at Lift, I had done the “gym thing” many times with no success. I have always just been the tall skinny guy and have had little to no success at the gym, so I decided it couldn’t hurt to try Lift for 6 months. I was very skeptical, to say the least, when I first heard about their workout plan of only 15 minutes a day twice a week. Well, thanks to the most amazing trainer guiding me and pushing me every step of the way, after 10 months, I gained around 20 lbs of muscle.

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… I am now on the body comp program so I can attempt a six-pack by summer, and in the 3 weeks that I have been on it, I have lost 4 percent of body fat! I love the workout atmosphere of Lift Personal Training and do not foresee myself ever going back to the normal gym atmosphere. Not only do I have a GREAT trainer at Lift, I have developed an even better friend. Here’s to seeing the results of what another year will bring!

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Jeff Denney

Jeff Denney

My wife and I started just six weeks ago. We (maybe me) were skeptical of the concept of anything happening in 15 minutes. Impossible right!? Wrong. After crawling to my car a few times, I felt the 15 minutes could be effective. Legs, why work out legs? I haven’t felt as strong on the ski hill or mountain bike since I was 20! By the way – I’m 47. Bottom line, LIFT Works. If you feel differently, you are incorrect. Thank you, Team Lift. The 18 pounds I’ve lost and strength I’ve gained in 6 short weeks has dramatically changed my “power to weight ratio”. I’m hooked.

Tina Kienbaum

Tina Kienbaum

Mirus, the Latin word for wonderful, extraordinary, that’s what I call Lift. Life-changing is another. My name is Tina; I’m 46 years old, a wife, mother, grandmother, and devotee of the 15-minute workout. I always thought that my body served me well, I play volleyball, softball, ride my snowmobiles and dirt bikes, I started snowboarding, but now that I started at Lift, my performance is well, amazing. My serving has improved; I can move quicker. I stood up on my snowboard without turning over and pushed myself up! I just donated three bags of clothes that don’t fit because they are too big!

Cathy Nolte

Cathy Nolte

Shaun and her team have made a huge impact on me – They are always cheerful, encouraging, and motivating. In my first 8 months I was able to lose 35 lbs the healthy way!

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Lauren Scipioni

Lauren Scipioni o'Shea-Hauge

I began Lift Personal Training in 2013 with my husband. We love the targeted, quick workout. I continued through 38 weeks of pregnancy, and Shaun was great at adjusting my workout while keeping me strong. My workouts helped me stay more active while pregnant, helped me with my labor, and helped me postpartum. I started my workouts again after five weeks of my baby’s birth and definitely recommend it!

Marshal McClung

Marshal McClung

I have been doing Lift Personal Training for about a year now. I love the fact that it is only 15 minutes twice per week. It’s hard to devise a good excuse to skip a 15-minute workout. You would think that such a short duration would have minimal effect on the body, but it’s quite the opposite. The super slow reps result in a very intense experience, and I leave feeling like I’ve worked out for an hour every time. Shaun and her team do a great job making sure you are pushed to the limit, use good form, and have fun at the same time. If you are looking for an effective workout program with minimal time commitment, Lift Training is the real deal.

Lori Peters

Lori Peters

I have been working out with Shaun for 2 1/2 years and love it! It’s quick, efficient, it’s hard, a good cardio too! At 60+ years old, I am strong. Strength training isn’t just for youngsters, it’s important at any age for your overall health. It’s hard to imagine how it makes you feel in just 15 minutes twice a week until you experience it. I highly recommend this one-on-one training to everyone! Thank you, Shaun!

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Focusing on personal safety and privacy, Lift is the optimal option for individuals seeking a one-on-one exercise experience in a comfortable training setting—specifically, our 15-minute super slow strength training program. Our team of skilled professional trainers is dedicated to guiding you toward a healthier version of yourself and they prioritize your safety above all else.

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