What about Cardio? Don’t I need to take care of my heart and lungs?

Cardiovascular conditioning is achieved with your LIFT workouts! Strength training performed with adequate resistance and intensity – little to no rest between machines – the demand on the cardiovascular system provides significant stimulation for improved cardiovascular efficiency. The cardiovascular system supports muscular work by supplying oxygen and nutrients to and removing metabolic wastes from working muscles during physically demanding activities. Cardiovascular improvement allows more physical activity with less fatigue. Strength training at LIFT is safer and more efficient, providing better cardiovascular conditioning than traditional aerobic activities.

How can only two LIFT workouts per week provide the results I desire?

These workouts are intentionally focused and highly efficient. They are designed to bring various muscle groups to total fatigue resulting in stimulation of:

Improved muscular strength − the key to helping you achieve and maintain your desired results. Body-shaping muscle enhances your shape by adding firmness and increasing your metabolic rate, which in turn helps you to lose body fat. Allow your body at least 2 to 3 days rest and proper nutrition to fully recover. This combination provides the best results, leaving time for you to do things you love. The LIFT workout is so effective, our slogan is – “Minutes a Week, Strong for Life.”

I am out of shape or have physical limitations, is this safe for me?

Absolutely! Our Certified LIFT Instructors know how to safely work with individuals with limitations or past injuries. At LIFT our training rooms are private and distraction-free. One-on-one exercise preformed at LIFT are scientifically based and extremely safe. At LIFT the focus is always on you. Your goals are your instructor’s goals, results!

What kind of results should I expect?

At LIFT we focus on physical fitness- that relates to all sports.

Results you may expect are:

  • Improved muscular strength, endurance and stamina
  • Cardiovascular efficiency
  • Increased range of joint motion (flexibility)
  • Better body composition and decreased fat
  • Bone density increase
  • Joint stability – resistance to injury
Will working out at LIFT help increase my bone density?

The technique used at LIFT was founded during Osteoporosis research. Numerous research studies have proven that progressive resistance exercises reverse bone loss, decrease bone turnover, increase femur bone mineral density, and maintain body composition. LIFT offers the most effective resistance training programs with top of the line equipment used in producing these results.

Will I get bulky all muscle bound by lifting such heavy weights?

No, looking like a body builder is not possible for the majority of people. Even with the rare genetics needed to be overly muscle bound, a huge percentage of body builders have used steroids to become that way. You will look and feel stronger, but you will not “bulk” up. Your genetics will dictate how your body looks when building muscle.

I want to work out more than just twice a week, what can I add to speed up my results?

You can do nothing other than eat clean to speed up your results. Recovery is a vital part of this exercise program! If you feel like you could do more in-between workouts, you should increase your efforts during the workout here. Exercise is like medicine; it has a precise dose for a desired result. 2 x per week is all that is needed to get the results you desire. We don’t take extra medicine then the dose prescribed and there are 100’s of studies backing up the training philosophy here at LIFT.

Do I need to stretch or warm up before I train?

Stretching is overrated and warming up happens on the first machine. If you are concerned about injury, don’t be. 99.9% of injury occurs during a quick motion, at LIFT we move in slow motion, so injury is highly unlikely. The studies done on our training protocol showed less injuries and greater muscular and bone strength than any other exercise protocol.

I am very active with other physically demanding activities, will this hurt or hinder my abilities?

No, most competitive athletes strength train to enhance their strength set so they can have a smaller work load on the body while preforming their sport. The stronger you are, the easier it is for your body to preform activities. We do suggest putting your extra-curricular activities as close to or on the same day as you strength train to allow for more recovery in between.

Where can I learn more about the science behind the training?

You may find a lot of valuable information from these resources

  • Body by Science
  • Power of 10
  • Dr. Ellington Darden
  • Slow Burn
  • Arthur Jones
  • Dr. Miriam Nelson
  • Dr. Phillip Alexander
  • Super Slow
  • Drew Baye
  • Dr. Wayne Westcott
  • Ken Hutchins
  • Ultimate-exercise.com
  • Drdarden.com
  • Seriousstrength.com
  • abstractbodyworks.com
  • Exerciseinstitute.com
  • 12second.com