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Lift’s nutrition program is not just another diet, fad or “eat this not that” gimic. We get to the core and help you learn to overcome emotional eating, bad food choices and provide you with the long term ability to keep weight off. Our program is designed to work on your absolute worst days, not just your best days. Results matter and we guarantee them!


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Every person is different and so is our life journey and relationship with food. At Lift, we help you achieve long term, sustainable change by meeting you where you are and creating a plan that is designed just for you and your current health and fitness goals and needs, whether that be just nutrition or training or both at the same time, fitness and re-fuel.

1:1 Coaching

Every person gets their own nutrition coach. At Lift, we know that having a relationship with your coach helps the success of your long term journey that much more attainable. All of our coaches are trained, non-judgemental and will give you the privacy, encouragement and personal accountability you need to acheive the lasting results you desire for long term success in both your nutrition and fitness goals.

science-backed choices

Just like our fitness and lifting approach, our nutritional programs are also built on the foundation of science.  At Lift, we approach food as fuel while taking into consideration that life happens. There is room to eat all types of food as long as consistent progress is being made toward goals of reducing weight, attending to health/blood markers while building lean muscle.

Online Platform

At Lift, you will have personal access to Precision Nutrition. Precision Nutrition is a scientifically-based optimal wellness platofrm that works with you to: lose weight/fat you haven’t been able to shed for years, build physical strength and confidence in your body, gain mental confidence and stop hiding from your gifts and talents. In addition, you’ll be able to let go of any confusion, learn what to do and how to do it allowing you to get off the diet rollercoaster once and for all – and never look back.

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“Lifts nutrition program has been so helpful for me.  During the past few weeks I have been working on packing healthy lunches and breakfasts, as well as cooking more at home.  Thanks to this, my cooking abilities have really gotten better.  I made a shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes and cauliflower (two things my husband says he hates – I didn’t tell him what was in it) and he LOVED it!  

Although my weight loss has been different than it would be if I tried a fad diet, I know I’m making changes that will impact me for a lifetime.  Fad diets don’t do that.  Not only does this program give you tips and advice on how to live in a more healthy way, it makes you reflect on who you are- your strengths, weaknesses, and the reasons behind your diet and exercise challenges.  It helps you to be present and reflective about who you are on so many different levels and supports you in changing the things you want to change in a non-judgemental way.  For me that has been working on making myself a priority and to commit to taking the time needed to take care of myself.  I’m also really hard on myself if I have a bad day or week, and in the past I would just give up and quit.  This has been the thing I have stuck with the longest, and I am still supported, from my coach and from the lessons, no mater what, because, ultimately, this program is about me and my journey.
It has been fun to feel my body getting healthier and to be able to fit into clothes I haven’t worn in awhile! 
Mary-Hope Lakin

“I’ve been training with Shaun and her team for 5 years!  I’ve always been active and exercise is a part of my life, but I was struggling with a diagnosis of osteopenia (midrange between normal bone density and osteoporosis), and several months into a two year prescription of Fosamax.  The more research I did on this medication, the more it frightened me and knew I needed to find a way out of it if possible.  Knowing that bone density is promoted through strength training, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying the Lift protocol of 15 minutes twice a week.  Who can’t manage that?  After only three months I felt confident enough with my increased strength to approach my doctor about having another bone density screen and getting off the medication.  He agreed, and we were so pleased with the results!  I was back in normal range and my density numbers have increased every year since.  I am strong, balanced and grateful for the part that Shaun and her team have played in helping me increase and maintain my health.  Unlike free weights, the machines allow for higher weight load and no chance of becoming unbalanced and injuring myself, which I was prone to working on my own.  Expect results.  Thank-you Shaun!

Garnet P.



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