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Personal Trainer

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At a young age, I was very athletic and movement-oriented. If I was not at gymnastics, twirling on a dance floor, cruising with my ski team, on a soccer field, baseball field, or volleyball court, I could be found weight room, focusing on nutrition, training, reading, or practicing my skills. After trying out many sports and activities, I discovered that volleyball was more than fun; it was my love and passion.

I was a D1 Volleyball athlete in college, a starter on all my college, high school, and Volleyball Club teams. In my younger years, I played on the number two National Team in the USA; my teammates and I went to Nationals every year. I have received several national and regional awards for volleyball, and I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to play for years and years! I have coached both club and school volleyball for the past four years. I love volleyball and enjoy helping young girls grow and improve, win, and learn the sport. I enjoy helping them learn to love volleyball, what it means to be a true teammate and grow as individuals.
Volleyball taught me the values of being my authentic self, teamwork, hard work, leadership, honesty, integrity, and being a true friend at the toughest of times. All lessons that I carry throughout my daily life today.
I am very passionate about helping others become the best they can be, whether it is in sports, work, weight loss, strength gain, or growth in their personal life. Being a personal trainer and coach allows me to share my expertise, experience, and training to help everyone reach their full mental and physical potential.

Outside the gym, I love spending my time playing volleyball, being outdoors, paddle boarding, water skiing, snow skiing, hiking in Disneyland, and spending time with my cocker spaniel Lily.
I am incredibly focused on helping clients exceed their goals by teaching good technique, fundamentals, hard work, and support. I believe we all are capable of achieving anything. I want to stand beside you and help you reach your personal goals. I am excited to train and work alongside each individual to become the best version of themself. It is exciting and rewarding to help each person change their life and continue to set new goals to obtain, and I love this part of my career.

Each client is important to me. It is important for me to have more than a surface connection with each of you, and I can’t wait to share more about myself and learn more about you along the way.