Shaun Johnson

Master Super Slow Trainer/Nutritionist/Owner

General Contact

Hi! My name is Shaun Johnson and I am a personal nutrition and body coach at LIFT in Liberty Lake. My passion is providing a private, professional, and personalized exercise program to help you achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals.

I have an extensive background in sports, nutrition, and fitness. This is my eleventh year as a personal trainer. I am a certified High Intensity Trainer using our Slow Motion protocol as well as NASM. I was very skeptical of how a 15 minute work out could even come close to how hard I was pushing myself in the gym and I never thought that 15 minutes could possibly be enough time to get a sufficient work out in. After my initial workout I was amazed at not only on how intense it was, but also how quickly I saw changes in my strength, endurance and waist line. My body changed dramatically after the first 4 weeks of training, I became a firm believer after one workout. I also used this protocol to prepare for my bikini competitions and did zero cardo and lifted 3 x a week for 15 minutes to test the regime at how effective it is at bodybuilding and getting sub 10% body fat. I took first over all in my first competition and second overall in my second one.

If you are looking for an encouraging and time efficient program to help you attain your fitness and health goals – LIFT in Liberty Lake is that program. Our incredible High Intensity, Slow Motion Strength Training system delivers results in just two 15-minute sessions each week. This method of exercise is the only one that addresses all 6 main health categories: (1) Strength, endurance, stamina; (2) cardio vascular efficiency; (3) enhanced flexibility; (4) bone density; (5) fat loss; and (6) resistance to injury and illness. This program will also get you to where you want to be goals wise from bodybuilding to recovery after joint replacement surgery. This is by far the safest most effective program because it is designed based on how the body works, not because it is fun or social. This is science, pure and simple.

As a wife, mother, full-time trainer, competitive volleyball player, runner and pro-bikini competitor, I understand balancing your time. Our scientific fitness program encourages ideal longevity and optimum weight management and only requires 15 minutes once or twice a week. We can help you achieve your goals of fat loss, strength gain, endurance, bone density and increased metabolism or body building. Please contact me and I will set you up with a free trial week with one of our amazing specialist at LIFT in Liberty Lake.

β€œAt Lift strength is our mission. When you are strong, you feel better. When you are strong, you look better. When you are strong, you are better. Lift weights. Get strong. Feel better.”