Phoenix Berglund

Personal Trainer

General Contact

I love being a part of Lift Personal Training and Nutrition for many different reasons. I enjoy how we are able to really get to know our clients personally and on a deep emotional level. The dynamic of our philosophy and technique at Lift makes exercise possible for anyone that wants to be strong for life, not just catering to a certain category of people. These 15-minute workouts are extremely effective and help bring a strong foundation to your body keeping you strong, athletic, cardiovascular fit, and able to conquer everyday life and personal desires of physical achievements

I truly desire my clients to be comfortable with themselves, I want everyone to feel proud of who they are as individuals, and I absolutely love helping others achieve their personal goals.

A little more about me, at a very young age I started working out, mainly lifting weights in my garage with my siblings and mother. In high school, I played basketball and volleyball. My volleyball coach had me take over the conditioning almost immediately as she recognized my ambition and knowledge of proper exercise. I loved making workouts for my team and I realized I had a strong passion to motivate them to push themselves to their limits

When I was old enough I started working at a small local gym and being very consistent with my training, education, and intentional with my goals. I dove head first into learning all about health, nutrition, and fitness. I started shadowing the trainers and being a backup for the group fitness classes. I love getting people excited about fitness and want to inspire people to reach their goals. I realized that I thoroughly enjoy and am gifted at encouraging people and helping them push through roadblocks. I also identify deep-rooted beliefs that cause others to not reach their potential which makes excuses to get out of the way! I have my certification in super slow training, as well as group fitness classes.

I’m so happy to be training here and excited to help you achieve your goals. I look forward to meeting you!