Jeremy Golding

Personal Trainer

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  Hello my name is Jeremy Golding and I love to train and coach people! I am new to the LIFT Team, but I am excited to join such a great staff. A little about myself: I am the blessed husband of my wonderful wife Melody and our two beautiful daughters Zoe and Everleigh. We are a very active family; we enjoy park visits, hiking, lake days, and rock climbing. Outside of Personal Training I am a Youth Pastor and have been a wrestling coach since 2014.

Growing up I was a multi-sport athlete, but mainly excelled in wrestling. I was a 3 Time State Champion and a High School All-American. What’s funny is that I knew little about working out or nutrition! After High School I attended North Idaho College on a Full-Ride Scholarship. During my time there I was a College All-American and Captain of our team before transferring to Purdue University on a Full-Ride to finish my wrestling career and Bachelors.

It was not until college, and taking classes in sports and general nutrition, sports psychology, group fitness, etc. that I started to implement what I learned into personal eating and training habits. I started to take training more seriously. I trained in cycling, running, H.I.I.T., CrossFit, calisthenics, plyometrics, and your typical strength training routines. Recently I have been studying HIT Method and have been undergoing the same training as well….to say the least it has been kicking my butt. I am excited to bring my enthusiasm for training others to the LIFT Team, and to help you build healthy workout habits and achieve your fitness goals!