Training & Nutrition

Our personal trainers are professional and love to help busy Washingtonians and Idahoans become stronger, healthier, and more energetic daily. How’s that?
Through scientific exercise and clean eating, with help from one-on-one, friendly coaching. And our favorite part?

Our super-slow strength-building technique takes only 15 minutes 2x a week!

Liberty Lake Personal Training
Since 2009

Dedicated trainers and nutrition professionals are committed to supporting you every day. Since 2009, we’ve been privileged to help countless members throughout our community train towards and reach their health and fitness goals. The super-slow way. It’s safe and kind on your body!

Our facility specializes in a super-slow strength-building technique. This approach provides a safe and optimal fitness strength-building experience suitable for individuals of all ages.

Friendly, Top-Notch Trainers

Each of our training staff is highly educated, professional, encouraging, and supportive of your journey of obtaining and maintaining ideal health and fitness.

At Life Personal Training, your trainer is your accountability buddy. We’ve got your back.

Clean, Feel Good Environment

Our facility has good ventilation; excellent, dry air enables intense effort, contributing to focus and determination. We provide changing rooms, water, and a spotless and germ-free environment with surfaces regularly wiped. Did we mention it’s clean?!

Private 1:1 Training

At Lift Personal Training, private training rooms provide the ideal environment for going beyond your comfort zone. As your body gets stronger, it requires a progressively greater exercise stimulus. This challenge must be gradual, systematic, and done with great focus and mental toughness.

Super-Slow, Super-Safe Strength Building

We first provide a controlled environment that ensures maximum results and ultimate safety. Then, your trainer is watching and monitoring every move you make. We track and record all exercises performed. Safety is our greatest priority next to results. 

Faster. Stronger. Healthier.

It’s not just words on a screen; it’s the future you. Lift Personal Training and Nutrition is your friendly neighborhood, private personal training facility. Our local personal trainers and nutritionists are proud to be home in Liberty Lake, Washington, serving our community for over 14 years.

At Lift, we focus on both active health and dietary health. Your experience with our training is tailored to you, is private, and, best of all, to your success.

The Results

The results; they are very much real. Here are just a few of our favorite compliments:

Kirsten Said:

Shaun’s guidance and the simplicity of weight training empowered me, bringing positivity and energy into my life. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling empowered from within. Lift in 15 has been a life-changer, elevating me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Stephanie Said:

I have worked with Shaun for several years now. As a busy mom to three girls and a business owner, I always struggled with finding the time to work out. For only minutes a week, I have been able to continue to stay fit and healthy and it is truly the one exercise routine I have been able to stay committed to.

Katherine Said:

With a world of options in this space, choosing Shaun Johnson and her unparalleled team at Lift Personal Training was a brilliant move for me. In my journey to focus first on building strength and a healthier life, the intimidation of learning weights and creating my plan in a gym was completely addressed with her specially trained team to have a plan and focused 2x/week commitment to my health.

Angela Said:

LIFT is not just a workout program; it's a life-changing choice for individuals of all ages and abilities. It has become an indispensable part of our wellness journey, empowering us to lead more active, vibrant lives.

Nicole Said:

Lift is a body, mind & spirit workout all in one. It is an efficient use of time & way to maximize results in the body. The shifts and transformations that take place in 15 min twice a week are phenomenal! I have to do the work, and invest in me, Lift maximizes my effort!

Tina Said:

Shaun and her team have made a huge impact on me – They are always cheerful, encouraging, and motivating. In my first 8 months I was able to lose 35 lbs the healthy way!

Jeff Said:

After crawling to my car a few times, I felt the 15 minutes could be effective. Legs, why work out legs? I haven’t felt as strong on the ski hill or mountain bike since I was 20! By the way – I’m 47. The bottom line is Lift Personal Training works.

New To Lift?

Try a no-cost session and consultation at Lift! It's our welcome gift to you!

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