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We help busy and successful people become stronger, healthier, and more energetic through proper exercise and nutrition in minutes a week.

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Helping busy people become stronger, healthier and more energetic through scientific exercise, clean eating using one-on-one coaching in just 15 minutes 2 x per week!


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My name is Rich Rivas and I’m a resident of Liberty Lake and would like to just take a moment and share my experience of working out at Lift. Back in April of 2012 my wife encouraged me to go and check out this place that was advertising weight training for 15 minutes twice a week as she knew that I was one for not wanting to go to a regular gym and it fit my work schedule better. So with a little reluctance 
and an open mind, I went and met with Shaun and she told me to give it a month and see how I feel. I can honestly tell you I was amazed at how I felt, I couldn’t believe that I was starting to actually lose weight and was starting to feel stronger which of course gave me the confidence and desire to keep going. After the first year, I had lost 30 pounds and gained muscle along with some definition and am so much stronger, I hadn’t felt this good in years. Well it’s been seven years now and I’m still holding my weight down and still adding strength. Oh by the way, I’m 60+ years young and feel like I’m still in my forties. 

Rich Rivas

I love working out at LIFT! Each time I come in I am greeted by my trainer with a smile and a plan to help me achieve maximum results. I started working out here in March and since then I’ve lost 8 inches from may waist alone (and more from other places). I’m amazed at how much I’ve achieved in 15 minutes twice per week. I call it my miracle work out.

Fran Couzens



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