Scientific Based Program/History

At LIFT our system provides an accredited, high intensity, low force exercise strengthening regime with 30 plus years of scientific research. A Nautilus-sponsored Osteoporosis Study at the University of Florida Medical School was developed by Ken Hutchins in 1982-1986 to utilize a safer speed for the elderly women, as the subjects in the study. In the study these women showed significant increase of bone density and strength gains.  The result became a new resistance training technique that we use at LIFT. This form of training has been presented as the safest and most effective means of building strength in both beginning and advanced weight training. Our Program is safe and effective for all walks of life from the frail and weak to the elite athlete. Our Clientele ranges from preteens to elderly adults in their 80s.  Every training session you are in a one-on-one, private training session with a highly skilled trainer to give you a safe, complete total body workout every time. You will exercise 1 or 2 times per week for a 15 minute workout depending on your goal. Your trainer is first and foremost, focused on your safety, your needs and help you sustain maximum results in minimum time so you can have the peace of mind that you are taking care of yourself and by having greater enjoyment in life with increased strength, health and vitality.


An objective of our resistance training program is to create more tension in a muscle for a given workload. To accomplish this we decrease the rate it takes each repetition with a smoother and more controlled turnaround (changing the direction of the rep).

The amount of force or tension a muscle can develop during a muscle action is substantially affected by the rate of muscle shortening (concentric phase) or lengthening (eccentric phase) In this case we are recruiting and activating more muscle fibers for a greater impact during a workout. In turn, resistance training with our low force training regime triggers many benefits in other body systems. This is the best way to condition the cardiovascular system by performing mechanical work with the muscles getting your heart to work more efficiently as opposed to a “cardio” workout such as running on a treadmill. As you increase strength, your muscles are better able to extract oxygen from blood, putting less demand on your heart and lungs when you perform any type of physical work.

Minutes a Week - Strong for Life!