Real People - Real Results!

I’m a resident of Liberty Lake and would like to just take a moment and share my experience of working out with Shaun Johnson at LIFT. Back in April of 2012 my wife encouraged me to go and check out this place that was advertising weight training in15 minutes twice a week, as she knew that I was not one to go to a regular gym and the 15 minutes would fit my work schedule. So with a little reluctance and a open mind I went and met with Shaun and she told me to give it a month and see how I feel. I can honestly tell you I was amazed at how I felt, I couldn’t believe that I was starting to actually lose weight and felt stronger which of course gave me the confidence and desire to keep going. After the first year I had lost 30 pounds and gained muscle along with some definition and am so much stronger, I hadn’t felt this good in years. It has now been four years and I’m still holding my weight down and still adding strength. Oh by the way, I’m 60 years young and feel like I’m still in my forties. Thank you Shaun for not only encouraging me and giving me health and diet tips but also being a friend helping make me a better person.
— Rich Rivas
Since I started working out at LIFT personal training, the results 15 minutes 2 x per week have been amazing. LIFT has added 20 yards to my golf game. The days of an hour or more in the gym are long gone!! LIFT has truly transformed my life!
— Bob Covington

I love everything about LIFT. I have been training with Shaun for 1 year. From day one I have noticed a huge difference in my overall well being. More strength, more energy, weight loss and even mental clarity. I love knowing that each 15 minute session improves my overall health and well being and that I am much healthier now inside than before I started. I do not have much extra time to spare, so 15 minutes twice a week works perfect. Shaun is very knowledgeable and professional. I am very pleased with my results and look forward to every session.                                            - Melissa Harms

LIFT personal training is the place to go if you want to reach your goals super fast. Super friendly, clean and motivational with kind encouragement to keep me focused on my goals! They are very knowledgeable about the body and how to work around injuries and rheumatoid arthritis. I’m so thankful I found this place as I am safely working my body and reaching my goals! -
— Jaimie Klemo
Finally, a way to get a great workout without hours in a gym. This is by far the best workout ever. The trainers are awesome! Your workout is one on one with them alone in a private room. They always have a definite plan for you each session and YOU never have to plan what you are doing or even think about it! Just show up and watch the results. I have worked out with trainers before and they cannot even be compared to this workout.... And only 15 min twice a week! When will everyone discover this is how you get results? Love it! Amazing!   
— Tami Moulton
I’ve been training with Shaun and her team for 5 years! I’ve always been active and exercise is a part of my life, but I was struggling with a diagnosis of osteopenia (midrange between normal bone density and osteoporosis), and several months into a two year prescription of Fosamax. The more research I did on this medication, the more it frightened me and knew I needed to find a way out of it if possible. Knowing that bone density is promoted through strength training, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying the Lift protocol of 15 minutes twice a week. Who can’t manage that? After only three months I felt confident enough with my increased strength to approach my doctor about having another bone density scan and getting off the medication. He agreed, and we were so pleased with the results! I was back in normal range and my density numbers have increased every year since. I am strong, balanced and grateful for the part that Shaun and her team have played in helping me increase and maintain my health. Unlike free weights, the machines allow for higher weight load and no chance of becoming unbalanced and injuring myself, which I was prone to working on my own. Expect results. You will get them! Thank-you Shaun and Team Lift!
— G Pratt
Before working out at LIFT I had done the “gym thing” many times with no success. I have always just been the tall skinny guy and have had little to no success at the gym, so I decided it couldn’t hurt to try LIFT for 6 months. I was very skeptical to say the least when I first heard about their workout plan of only 15 minutes a day twice a week. Well, thanks to the most amazing trainer (Shaun) at the Liberty Lake office guiding me and pushing me every step of the way, after 10 months I had gained around 20lbs of muscle. I am now on the body comp program so I can attempt at a six pack by summer and in the 3 weeks that I have been on it have lost 4 percent body fat! I love the workout atmosphere LIFT and do not foresee myself ever going back to the normal gym atmosphere. Not only do I have a GREAT trainer at LIFT, I have developed an even better friend. Here’s to seeing the results of what another year will bring!
— Keith Gipe
Mirus, the Latin word for wonderful, extraordinary, that’s what I call LIFT. Life changing is another. My name is Tina; I’m 46 years old, a wife, mother, grandmother, and devotee of the 15 minute workout. I always thought that my body served me well, I play volleyball, softball, ride my snowmobiles and dirt bikes, I started snowboarding, but now that I started at LIFT, it is amazing. My serving has improved; I can move quicker, I stood up on my snowboard without turning over and pushed myself up! I just donated three bags of clothes that don’t fit because they are too big.

Seven years ago my family dealt with a family member who had cancer. In the first six weeks of the hospital stay I gained 28 pounds. I didn’t know where it came from, I thought I did everything right, walked the stairs, packed my lunches, drank water. In the years after, I tried different ways to lose weight but nothing seemed to work for me. I thought maybe this was the weight my body thought it should be at. A friend, who is much younger and already in shape, told me about this workout she was doing. I was intrigued; I loved lifting weights in my younger years, but, could this help me lose the weight I thought I needed to lose?

I am so thankful that I took that first step. I feel wonderful! I’m stronger, stand taller, and more mindful of the of the fuel I put into my body. I’m not perfect; I have my bad eating days but the good out weighs the bad. I view my body much differently: I want to put good things into it to keep it working for me. I love the feeling after my workouts. My muscles don’t feel “shredded” like they did when I lifted free weights, they feel used and strong. I am building muscle and losing fat! I’ve lost over 20 pounds since October, I can see and feel the muscle definition.

I know that finding a program that works for you comes from within, but having Shaun, my trainer at LIFT, has made this journey so astounding. Shaun has a wonderful attitude and quiet demeanor that makes you feel so comfortable. Shaun’s encouragement keeps me going, even on the days the scale doesn’t show my dedication. I can text or call Shaun with any question and she is always there. Shaun has helped me with an eating plan that is now part of my life, not a diet. My workouts are always new, I don’t walk in and do the same routine, and there always Shaun with her quiet but firm encouragement. She will push me to the limit, help me when I fail, lift me up when I fall, and high five me and do the happy dance when I succeed! I am so glad Shaun has been part of my fitness goals and will be there to keep me going throughout this journey.

For anyone, young or old, who is looking for a way to improve his or her way of life, LIFT is the place. Clean, friendly, and proven results, what more can you ask for? Thank you LIFT for putting me on the path of total health.
— Tina
Julie has spent her life, beginning at a very young age, overweight. Although she has a very confident personality, and is successful in business, she has always referred to herself as “the fat girl”. This time, with a different approach, she has changed her mind set and has obtained remarkable results. In the first 8 months of training (twice weekly for 3 months, once weekly for the next 5 due to working out of town) she was able to lose 80 lbs., dropping in size from a 24 to a 10/12 pants. In January she gained custody of 3 & 4 yr. old boys and has become even busier, but still managed to maintain her weight loss. She has chosen to not completely cut any foods from her diet but make better choices and eat the high calorie foods much more sparingly, and fill up on the healthier choices more often. Julie has developed a recipe for success! Congratulations, we are excited to be such an important part of your journey!
— Julie Cohen
I love working out at LIFT. My husband and I have been working out at LIFT for the last 7 years!! I am 67 years old and have never felt so healthy. I would highly recommend this to any age group; its quick (I like that!) and a full body workout! The program is designed for one-on-one training in a private room, its effective and safe. The staff will help you reach your goals, whatever they might be. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the training program at LIFT.
— Sharon Shutts
I’ve been working out at LIFT for almost four years now and have never felt better! I am a huge proponent of whole-food nutrition and when I combine the nutrition with the exercise.... My fitness went to a whole new level!!!
— Susan Baldwin
I began working out with Shaun 18 months prior to becoming pregnant. With the support of my doctor, I continued with her through 38 weeks of pregnancy. Shaun was great at adjusting the workout to cater to my changing body, but also keep me strong. I know that my work outs helped me stay more active while pregnant, helped me with my labor and helped with my physical abilities postpartum. I started my workouts again after five weeks of my baby’s birth and definitely recommend it to other women!
— Lauren O'Shea Hauge