We are a Strength training facility that instructs a SUPER SLOW lifting technique which has been proven to be the safer more effective way of building up lean mass and enhancing overall health and fitness in minimum time.

·       15 minutes 2 x per week – that is all you need to see and feel results. 
·       Pure exercise where injury just doesn’t happen, HIGHLY SAFE, guaranteed. 
·       Our strength training is done in a private room with just you and your instructor.
·       Convenient – Time is the most valuable asset we have, we get you in and out in 15 minutes so you can spend your precious time where you want.

Founded on the scientific understanding that exercise is NOT a mere feeling of pain, an adrenalin rush or pushing your body beyond its comfort zone. Exercise is an act that produces great results, in minimum time within the constraints of safety.  Our protocol was initially developed by a team of doctors who were given the task to work with patients with osteoporosis. Very quickly it was determined that this training protocol was not only SAFE but could be applied universally to people of nearly any age, health and fitness level or personal goal. Our technique involves custom machines designed specifically for MUSCLE AND JOINT Function that you will VERY slowly lift heavier weights for minimum time gaining maximum results.  

How does it work?

When you meaningfully load the muscles on machines designed to protect your joints, moving extremely slowly your muscles are the only part of your body working. This is HIGHLY safe and was built around how our bodies work and are designed. This is science, pure and simple. You will see extreme results, without having to fear that you will get hurt or injured in the process. WE exercise to live healthier fuller lives, not to hurt and disable that ability. 

The Science

There are THREE MAIN variables which we teach to ensure the success of your training.

Training to Failure

In order for your body to respond with muscular growth, you have to stimulate your muscles forcing them to make an adaptive change. Intensity is very high and momentary muscular failure is the goal. By training very, very slowly with your personal instructor nearby coaching you and watching you to keep you in the constraints of safety, you will be breaking down your muscle fibers which signals the body to regenerate stronger and leaner muscles and thus do a variety of other benefits to the body.


Brief/ Infrequent Workouts

Every workout will last a maximum of 15 minutes and we train no more than 2 x per week. We prescribe the minimum amount of exercise needed to produce maximum adaption or results. Anything beyond that actually consumes our time and ability to recover and adapt. Utilizing our protocol has a very high intensity threshold which consumes a huge amount of our bodies resources. In order to let your muscles, grow, you have to give the body the time and rest required to do so. If you don’t give the body adequate rest and recovery, you are just re-breaking the muscle fibers that are in the process of making strong adaptations towards growth.

 Record-keeping and accountability

Keeping accurate records of your workout performances gives us the ability to guarantee results. When we know if the variables of intensity, duration and frequency are being done appropriately, we can ensure you are gaining precious muscle and gaining all the benefits from our program. Also, knowing ahead of time you are scheduled for your bi-weekly workouts, you don’t have to worry about making time to attain and keep the body you’ve always wanted.